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Bespoke Hand Made Furniture

Each commission is meticulously planned from our initial meeting through to installation, working to the exact specifications of our clients and their needs to produce bespoke and unique pieces.

From luxury fitted furniture, bespoke home offices and natural outdoor tables, we pride ourselves on expert design and traditional skills. All of our pieces are created to fulfill the clients needs whilst offering functionality, pleasing aesthetics and longevity 

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Our Bespoke Table Brochure

We have complied a selection of the best timbers and styles we crate, to assist you in your choices and giver insight into the possibilities of creativity. 

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Each project is undertaken with a fresh approach

Understanding the use and vision is crucial in producing furniture that is truly bespoke to the client



We work with a range of clients both professional and individuals to create beautiful unique pieces

Following an initial enquiry, a client meeting takes place so that ideas, thoughts and requirements can be discussed and an initial plan can be formed. To support our plan, when necessary, we hand sketch and use CAD for our visuals. This is to provide the client with a greater perspective of dimensions and feel for the look of the finalised product



Once a plan has been formalised we move forward into choosing the correct materials and finishes for the project.

Supporting the client, with our extensive knowledge regarding product and practicality and liaising with our local timber suppliers to choose the ideal raw materials for the build. This process can involve sourcing the materials and photographing various options, samples being shown of wood types and finishes for the client to make an informed choice. We feel this really enables our clients to be fully included in the process. When each of these elements have been chosen a quote will be created, detailing all of the agreed design elements 



Once the design is finalised and materials have been sourced and chosen they are all fully inspected. The build can then begin. 

All fabrications take place within the Designs Woodcraft workshop in the South Downs using both traditional and modern techniques. The spray shop, if required, is also on the premises. Having all of this on site enables us to communicate to the client where the project is at a specific point in time and we are more than happy to provide visuals by way of video or photograph to show the progress and process of a commission. When practicable we always construct the final product on site before installation and make final quality control checks 



Timing for installation is discussed and agreed with each client, working around their requirements. A date and time will be booked giving adequate time for both installation and preparation. Site preparation is always completed at the property, be it commercial or household, to ensure any access issues are addressed before the furniture is unloaded and to ensure that we protect everything prior to the fitting.

Each piece is then assembled in situ and thoroughly checked before we invite you to inspect the work yourself

A guarantee is provided with all Designs Woodcraft pieces and projects

• Freestanding furniture

• Build in furniture

• Wardrobes

• Kitchens

• Tables


• Desks

• Showpiece tables

• Gifts and homeware

• Children’s houses

• And More…

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Featured Collection

Like any bespoke piece, you choose the details. Designs Woodcraft have selected handmade wooden pieces for you to personalise and customise, creating a truly unique piece for you.